1.0 Purpose. MDO FINCA LLC (hereinafter “FINCA Tajikistan”) has implemented the Cookie Policy as part of its general privacy policy. FINCA Tajikistan believes it is a good business practice to be transparent with FINCA Tajikistan clients and website visitors who are looking for information regarding FINCA Tajikistan products and services and who are interested in achieving FINCA Tajikistan’s objectives while maintaining their privacy rights.

2.0 Use of cookies. FINCA Tajikistan or one of its divisions (IT, Operations, Marketing…) may use cookies (advertising, analytics, personalization, security, site management and/or third-party cookies) and other tracking technologies on any website, including mobile websites and applications, other channels or media used and connected to the FINCA Tajikistan website. Cookies are used to personalize and improve the user experience.

3.0 What are cookies and what are they used for? A cookie is a sequence of information stored on a computer by FINCA Tajikistan or its third-party suppliers, which becomes a unique identifier when you request or visit/revisit a site. Cookies are used to record your visits, preferences, pages visited and to save your login, all of which are used by FINCA Tajikistan to improve the visitor experience.

4.0 Types of cookies that FINCA Tajikistan can use.

4.1 Advertising Cookies. Advertising cookies are placed on your computer by third-party advertisers and ad servers approved by FINCA Tajikistan. These cookies display advertisements that may be of interest to the Client/visitor. These cookies also enable third parties to collect visitor information about the Site and other websites, alternate ads sent to a specific computer and track the frequency of ad views. These cookies can collect any personal information about the user.

4.2 Analytical Cookies. Analytical cookies track how visitors arrived at the Site, as well as how they interact with and navigate the Site. These cookies track the functionality of the Site and record the performance of the features of the Site.

4.3 FINCA Tajikistan cookies. These are “third party cookies” and can be permanent or temporary. They are necessary for the Site to work properly or to provide certain features and functionality. Disabling these types of cookies may affect the functionality of the Site.

4.4 Personalization Cookies. Personalization cookies are used to recognize repeat visitors to the Site. FINCA Tajikistan uses these cookies to record browsing history, visited pages and save your settings and preferences every time a visitor accesses the Site.

4.5 Security Cookies. These cookies identify and prevent security risks. They also authenticate users and protect visitors from unauthorized parties.

4.6 Site Management Cookies. Site management cookies are used to save the identity of a visitor or session on the Site so that you do not accidentally log out. Information on the page. Currently, these cookies cannot be disabled in conjunction with other cookies in the visitor’s browser.

4.7 Third-Party Cookies. Third-party cookies may be placed in a visitor’s browser when the visitor visits the Site by companies that provide certain services or which FINCA Tajikistan has approved. These cookies enable third parties to collect and track certain visitor information. These cookies can be manually disabled in the visitor’s browser.

4.8 Cookie Banner. As a financial impact funding organization that accepts this Cookie Policy and must display a Cookie Banner when a person enters the FINCA Tajikistan website.

4.9 Other Tracking Technologies. FINCA Tajikistan may use other tracking technologies on the Site to help customize the Site and improve the User’s experience. Certain aspects of tracking tools should be explained to the user, such as the description of the tool, its use, the purpose and type of data the tool collects, whether the tool can be rejected and how to restrict the tool’s use.

5.0 Privacy Policy.
Please read our privacy policy here.

6.0 Contact person
If you have questions or comments about this Cookie Policy, please contact us at: hotline@finca.tj