FINCA Women Club

Empowering women together!

FINCA Women Club – a platform, which brings together women entrepreneurs of different spheres of business to gain knowledge, upgrade their skills, share experiences, and find new opportunities. FINCA Women Club provides opportunity for women to receive financial and non-financial services in 26 FINCA offices in all regions of Tajikistan.

Club Benefits

  • Participation in all events in FINCA for women, including trainings, seminars, forums, mentoring events to strengthen the financial, leadership and entrepreneurial skills of women. (In-person and virtual);
  • Networking: The opportunity to communicate and find like-minded people, meet representatives of successful businesses, establish contact with potential clients of your business at events organized by the FINCA club;
  • Access to privileged prices and benefits on loan and deposit products;
  • Access to affordable insurance;
  • Service privileges: out-of-order service, mobile specialist to inquire about services and receive applications for FINCA services in the field/household, appointed individual adviser, SMS notifications on club activities;
  • FINCA co-branded cards with the ability to use it as a bank card and as a club card;

  • Access to digital financial solutions. FINCA Online (, tablet lending, centralized underwriting process, serving customers through Call center and digital initiatives;

  • Support in finding grants and investment;

Join Club

Application to join the club.


Membership is open to all women above the age of 18, who want to improve their financial well-being, have their own business, are ready to start their own business and develop their skills.