On January 20 and 21, 2020  three new Banking Service Centers of MDO FINCA were opened, which is an important event in the direction of expanding the Company’s branch network. Under the leadership of CEO of MDO FINCA LLC, the first in a series of events was the opening of a new FINCA office in the Temurmalik region, then an office was opened in Hamadoni, and the event ended with the opening of an office in the Khuroson district (Uyali village). Cozy, bright and comfortable offices are located along the central streets of these areas to create additional conveniences when using the services of the Company. Representatives of the Hukumat, partners and clients of the Company were invited to the event.

“The expansion of the branch network will allow us to increase the possibilities of providing financial services in these regions, demonstrating such important values ​​as warmth, trust and responsible banking when interacting with customers. It is important to note that the opening of new offices contributes to the creation of additional jobs, which is most relevant for the remote regions of our country. This is also an acknowledgement and a positive development event for our Company. We will continue to do everything for it to be easy and convenient for customers to work with us and plan to constantly develop in this direction”, noted Kim Sergey, CEO of LLC MDO FINCA

After the official part, all participants in the ceremony were invited to a tour around the offices. The event ended with a festive cake and communication, where the guests and employees of the Company managed to exchange views and impressions.