Money transfers for everyone: FINCA makes them accessible!

FINCA Tajikistan provides affordable and convenient money transfers for everyone, including migrants in Russia. Through our service FINCA Online and our cards, you can send and receive money easily and without extra costs.
Our advantages:
✔️ Convenience: Send money from your home through the service FINCA Online or use FINCA cards for quick and convenient transactions.
✔️ Accessibility: We make money transfers available to everyone, regardless of your location.
✔️ Reliability: We guarantee the security of your transactions, providing a reliable and verified way to send and receive money.
✔️ Sending funds from Russia: Using the FINCA Online service, you can send up to 20,000 somoni per day, ensuring convenience and flexibility in fund transfers.

Rest assured that with FINCA, your money transfers will be fast, reliable and cost-effective.