FINCA online

For real-time payments

Electronic transactions for car holders

FINCA Online

An online banking system that allows cardholders of the National Payment System “КORTI MILLI” to make electronic transactions and real-time payments via the Internet.

With FINCA Online, you can
  • Pay for State services and taxes.

  • Pay for mobile connection or Internet services at a time suitable for you.

  • Pay utilities without leaving home on time, quickly and easily.

  • Link your cards and make instant money transfers both from local card to card and international money transfers from card to card (to/from Russian Federation).

  • Pay for loans and add funds on deposit account.

Registration rules

To register on FINCA Online, you need to use a local mobile phone number.
Please be informed: the code received from FINCA during registration should not be passed on to third parties, including FINCA staff members.

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