The main thing in business is to find your niche and produce high-quality products

Nazirov Ahmad Musoevich is one of the examples of the successful customer experience of FINCA Tajikistan in the Rudaki district. He is engaged in the production of dry building mixtures, such as: putty, plaster, rotband and cement mix for tiles, etc. Nazirov Ahmad has been working with FINCA since 2012, and now is credited for the 4th time.

All the loans he took were directed to business development and expansion. Nazirov Ahmad began his business with the production of putty. Gradually expanding the business, he created more than 20 jobs. Today he has 3 production departments, which he manages along with his sons. At the moment he plans to launch the production of paint and varnish products for which he took his 4th loan. He sells all his products on the local market (in Tajikistan), satisfying the demand of the population in the range of dry construction mixtures.