Cooperation with FINCA Tajikistan gives hope for a sustainable future

Barotova Dastagul lives in Sarband, near the Kurgan-Tube city, Khatlon region. In 2003, she divorced her husband and realizing that she had to grow up children on her own, she decided to start a business. Dastagul rented a small shop and started selling women’s clothes and household goods.

Barotova Dastagul says: “I began working with FINCA Tajikistan in 2009, when I took my first loan on 4,400TJS (about $ 1,000), after one year I already took 6,600 TJS. A year later, I had taken the same loan (6,600TJS) againg. Now I tried to get a loan in foreign currency – $1,500. Usually I work with small amounts of money, and had accustomed to working with credits. All loans I used to increase turnover, so at the moment my private business has increased several times.”

Dastagul created two new job places, where attracted their relatives.

Barotova Dastagul proud of herself and she can truly be considered a successful entrepreneur. She helps her parents, who live separately, and brings up and invests in the education of her children: son and daughter, who are studying now.

When Barotova Dastagul took a loan first time, she had turnover not more than $ 1,000, and now the volume of her business is $ 8,000. She also acquired the car “Hyundai Starex” that she rents out and now puts all the power to construction a new home.

Barotova Dastagul has big plans for future, she intends to further develop the business, working closely with FINCA Tajikistan.