One day in the life of an ordinary FINCA Tajikistan customer

Recently, the marketing department conducted a little photo session of one of the ordinary customer FINCA – Higmatulo Karimov, from Yavan and we spent a whole day with him, watching his daily work.

Higmatulo just our ordinary client, like thousands of other clients of FINCA Tajikistan, but he got our attention with its human simplicity, openness and a great work ethic. Sphere of activity of Higmatullo wide: animal husbandry (cattle, sheep and horse), manufacture / sale milk products, grain crops.

Early morning. Large fields not far from the Yavan. On one these fields Higmatullo works with his huge family. He works there form early morning up to the late night. Here on the field he sows wheat, growing watermelons and feeds the newly acquired cows. The main farm is located in the village of Higmatullo. There he has a large herd of sheep, cows and horses. But it’s summer and all the cattle are on pasture at mountains, and closer to the fall they will return home, and it will be possible to sell part of fattened cattle.

Higmatullo recently acquired several large Russian cows – “Carpathian breed”. Just to purchase them, he took the credit. They differ from our local breeds, primarily because of the milk yield of cows 16-20 liters per day, and their weight are much larger. He is very proud of his livestock, because thanks to them that his family lives. The resulting take profit is selling to local residents in the form of milk, cream and butter. The same product feeds the whole his family.

Lunch. For lunch, plov, boiled peas, collected from the garden, mulberry from the tree, which is giving the shadow for a large family and bread from our own wheat.

“Now, my eldest son is working in Russia, and I still can not rely on his help and must be constantly work to support big family” – says Higmatullo.

These are our customers, friends.. Ordinary people, their hard work and faith in the future deserve Respect. Before leaving, we were filled with feelings of deep respect to Higmatullo and his family and pride in everything that makes Higmatullo. After all, if people like Higmatullo will be more, Tajikistan’s economy will get stronger and we will have a secure future.