How small loans makes big changes in people lives

Hudoieva Oista was born in Pamir, Tajikistan. In 1979, she married a resident of Kumsangir district and still lives in the village of Dusti. She has four children: three daughters and one son. During the civil war, she lost her husband, her husband was missing. Earlier, her husband worked as a driver. Left alone with four children Oista was in a very difficult situation. She decided to start her own business (selling cotton oil), to bring up and educate children. Hudoieva Oista said: “The first time I came to” FINCA” Tajikistan in 2010, in the same year I took my first loan – 2,000 Somoni. One year later, I took a second loan (3,000 Somoni) in August 2011. In July 2012 I took the third loan in the amount of 3,000 Somoni. All loans are assigned to increase the turnover of my small business.

Over the period of the loan in FINCA Tajikistan Hudoieva Oista conscientiously fulfilled all the conditions of the loan contract, never fell into arrears. She showed very responsible attitude towards her commitments, and behaved as a serious businessman. In everyday life, Oista very simple, open, polite and kind person.

Thanks to her small business, which was began possible in cooperation with FINCA Tajikistan Hudoieva Oista conducted marriage ceremony for her daughters, her son now is a full time student in Dushanbe in the Customs College. Now her son work in Russia, helps the family. Oista have big plans. She will repair her house, she already established a new fence and gate. In the near future, she plans to expand her business and most important – make the wedding ceremony of her son.

This story is about a very common woman of Tajikistan, who have faced a lot of difficulties, and who could not only overcome hardships, but also build her business by support of FINCA Tajikistan. This is one example how small loans make a big changes in the live of common people.