The impact of FINCA to ordinary woman’s life-story

One of the brightest examples of the impact of FINCA to life-story of an ordinary woman is the story of Zulaikho from Tajikistan.
The story of success of Zulaykho has began in 2007, when she first time applied for a loan from FINCA. This loan radically turned her life and bring a lot of significant changes.
She started her business from celling point on simple small table near her house, with and total turnover was around $150. Subsequent loans were taken to develop her small business which were growing. She rented the store, and started to sell foodstuffs there. Also, with her husband she engaged in farming and animal husbandry. But that was not a final line! After a while, Zulaykho additionally opened own canteen!

Now, Zulaykho already achieved many accomplishments. Loans from FINCA helped Zulaykho perform a hard surgery to her husband, conduct wedding ceremonies for her son and daughter, renovate her house. But the most significant impact of FINCA to the life of Zulaykho that she continued the education, and now she graduating in university with her adult children!
Now, Zulaykho’s family has plot of land where grown potatoes, own store with turnover more than 3 thousand USD, own canteen, and three cows.
Here is she – ordinary woman from rural area of Tajikistan, who’s started from the bottom and reached high goals! She strives adjust the life, the life of her family, to educate children and just to be happy!