These terms of reference (TOR) describe the purpose and structure of the scope for the HR strategy development for MDO FINCA.


MDO “FINCA” Tajikistan operates on the basis of a license from the National Bank of the Republic of Tajikistan and provides a full range of banking services. The sole shareholder of MDO “FINCA” Tajikistan is FINCA Microfinance Holding, headquartered in Washington, DC, USA, with over 2.8 million customers in 17 subsidiaries in Eurasia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.  MDO “FINCA“, as part of the global network of community-based microfinance institutions and banks, uses Fintech to expand financial inclusion, offering innovative, responsible, and impactful financial services to low-income clients.

The main outcome of the consultancy services is a Human Resources Strategy and respective implementation plan/Road Map that is developed based on and around the following strategic pillars:

  • Diverse talent resourcing, onboarding, training, and growth.
  • Optimization of the workforce to put the right talent in the right roles at the right time.
  • Employer’s brand, as it pertains to HR functions/ strategy, and introducing competitive advantages.
  • Compensation and benefits.
  • Performance Management and Evaluation system.
  • Staff engagement and empowering to develop successors/leaders for future and role model the right behavior, corporate values, and principles.


  • The objective of the Human Resource consultancy is to review, enhance and align MDO FINCA’s Human Resource management with best industry practices, the external environment as well as the needs of the institution’s strategic objectives and plans. MDO FINCA’s staff are its most valuable asset, and effective management and expediting of the staffing are critical to achieving the improved performance of the institution.  Form follows functions and MDO FINCA’s HR strategy will need to flow from its overall business strategy.
  • The Human Resource Consultant/ Consulting Firm (herein, the Consultant) is expected to carry out the following tasks:
  1. Reviewing current HR policies, procedures, and objectives.
  2. Reviewing corporate structure, workforce functions, and organizational structure of MDO FINCA, as well as staff remuneration policies and procedures reflecting local market realities and external factors.
  3. Reviewing performance management systems and practices (all aspects of performance management).
  4. Proposing a Human Resource strategy and respective Road Map (Implementation Plan) which support the institution’s Strategic business plan.
  5. Delivering online consultation and accompanying the practical implementation of the Strategy and introduction of potential changes based on need (lump sum budget for approx. XX hours of consultation to be proposed).


  • A proposed Human Resource strategy should be based on best international and domestic practices for comparable institutions and fulfill FINCA strategic goals and regulatory requirements including:
  • Ensuring adequate staffing and enhancing staff productivity, loyalty, engagement, and motivation.
  • Ensuring continuous training and professional development fit for the future.
  • Improve staff welfare and benefits.
  • Promote good governance practices.
  • Cultivate internal and external customer experience culture.
  • As part of the Analysis, the Consultant will identify key HR initiatives and tasks which should be considered over a 3-year The HR strategy should be fully aligned with the wider business strategy of FINCA.
  • The Consultant will benefit from strategic discussions with FINCA management and Board members to determine the main directions of the business strategy and to complete a SWOT analysis of HR functions. The final draft HR strategy will also be coordinated with inputs from the HR Committee and the Board of Directors.

6       The Consultant will develop an implementation plan. The strategy’s Road Map should consider correct prioritization and sequencing of measures, as well as technical methods of implementation that include responsibilities, deadlines, budget, and communication approaches. 7       The Consultant should offer its approach on consultation with implementation support after the strategy is approved (this can be presented as support included to the main project or as separate support to the project with its own budget).




  • The lead consultants must have a Degree in Human Resources Management or a business-related Degree with a legal background.
  • The lead consultants must have at least 5 years of relevant experience in reputable Human Resources management consultancy in the banking sector and digital technologies.
  • The consultant firm must have conducted a minimum of three similar assignments in the last 5 years and should provide contacts for the references.
  • The consulting firm should provide a detailed understanding and experience of working with financial institutions.
  • The consultant should be able to take the initiative and be innovative and proactive with suggestions and recommendations.
  • The consultant is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the data received for the assignment.




  • Technical & financial proposal deadline – April 17, 2023
  • Consultancy period (onsite review, gathering data, meeting people) – May and June 2023
  • Final report/implementation plan/and presentation made to FTJ MB, HRM & Board/HRC – July 13, 2023


  1. Deadline for submission

The deadline for receiving applications is 17:00 on Арril 17, 2023. Send commercial proposals and other requested documents in sealed envelopes to our office at the following address: Dushanbe, Dzh.Rasulov St. 9,  MDO “FINCA”


We ask interested companies / Consultants who have questions regarding this tender can send all your questions or quotations to the email address –  indicating “Tender – Human Resource Consultancy service»

Only foreign Companies/Consultants/Firms who are not able to bring physically the envelope to our office can send encrypted technical proposals to the e-mail address and the password to this proposal should be sent to MB Assistant –


MDO “FINCA” reserves the right to accept any commercial offer, as well as to refuse all offers at any time before the conclusion of the contract, and does not bear any responsibility to the tenderers; nor is it obligated to inform bidders of the reason for the rejection of bids.

Attention! Incorrect completion, absence, or inaccuracy of the required documents and information affects the process of evaluation and selection of a supplier or may lead to the exclusion of the participant from the process of further consideration.