Social Impact

FINCA Tajikistan is an active participant and follower of the project “Financial Literacy”.

This project is very consistent with our companymission: to reduce poverty through long term solutions that help people create assets, create jobs and improve living standards.

Thereby, with the help of this project we can influence the increase of financial literacy of the citizens.


2407, 2019


July 24th, 2019|

Microfinancing is an opportunity to get a small loan to people who have a small business and need to finance it.

2407, 2019


July 24th, 2019|

Savings are the population cash income that are deferred in order to accumulate a certain amount to meet their needs in the future.

Since the beginning of 2015, all loan officers have been renamed as the financial consultants, which is another evidence of the wide transition of FINCA Tajikistan from simple sales of financial products and services to care about the financial condition and literacy of our customers. Improving the financial literacy of clients and population provides the opportunity to choose the right product or services, and also contributes to more effective family budget management and the savings accumulation.

the Financial Literacy project in FINCA Tajikistan official launch was taken place in June 2015. At the first stage, the company trained the entire field staff in financial literacy and began project promoting. Further, the entire staff of the Company’s divisions was trained in financial literacy and began to advise FINCA clients during their visits to the office.

The first few trainings with the residents of the regions were held in September 2015, and local employees began to advise clients. Consultations were held for more than 540 people in the fields, including 368 women. Trainings for the inhabitants are held in all divisions of FINCA Tajikistan.