Saidova Malika, a member of the FINCA Women Club

“I always wanted to do this business,” says Malika Saidova, an entrepreneur from the Shahritus region. Malika began her activities in 1995 when she first sold her products at the market in the Balkhi region.

Boykhonova Gulmo

Boykhonova Gulmo - she has been already selling dried fruits for several years at the Sakhovat market in Kulyab.

Miralieva Azizmo Khochaevnais

Miralieva Azizmo Khochaevnais one of FINCA's loyal customers. Azizamo has been breeding and trading cattle for many years.

Ahmad Nazirov

The main thing in business is to find your niche and produce high-quality products

Nasriddin Tuychiev

The importance of financial support and hard work in the development of the handicraft

Jamila Makhmadova

With the financial support of FINCA, favorite hobby brings recognition and income

Dastagul Barotova

Cooperation with FINCA Tajikistan gives hope for a sustainable future